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Change can be difficult.  Engage with a heart centred coach who embraces tools that bring more happiness, health and abundance.


"Thank you so much for your support throughout a very introspective year …… You have been incredibly patient and understanding, and I'm not sure I would have travelled through the year so smoothly without your guidance!!" T.F. Naturopath

To recover, revitalize, see the signposts, clarify, choose the path, empower, inspire, reinvent, create, take small steps, do less/achieve more, choose love, flow into a life of wellbeing, freedom and possibility.

I am glad you are here. Our lives and the world can become difficult to navigate in these changing times.  We sometimes feel 
distracted, confused, overwhelmed or want to give up. No need to go it alone, My coaching is designed to reconnect you with your own inner guidance.  The steps are very simple and are useful in all aspects of life to keep you on your path with ease and joy.


  • My coaching is affordable - three sessions completes an initial cycle of coaching that will set you up for life

  • Heart centred coaching is my passion and my commitment is to your vision 

  • Partnering with you to celebrate your uniqueness, build on your strengths and make things happen

  • One to one consultations with progressive interaction between sessions

  • Continuing cycles of coaching are up to you

You will embrace the deep truths of your own power to transform your energy and transform your life.

Get the support and guidance that you need and deserve.
If you are stuck give me a call today M:0421 960 156

My intention is simple;to provide you with enlightened support and guidance, practical tools and resources, helpful information and challenging ideas to create the shift that will change your life.

Free Discovery Call to 0421960156

Why Holistic Counseling (Yin)

Research shows that 85% of all illness is emotion based. Counselling addresses this by centering around sharing, caring and giving space to emotions. Without proper attention emotions can live for years, affecting all areas of your life, weakening you physically and mentally, leading to illness. Holistically you are more than your issue or problem, you are a whole multidimensional being of unlimited possibility. Balance of factors is important not perfection or the right way, it is about bringing all differences together in a way that is harmonious and pleasing to you.

Why Life Creation Coaching (Yang)

Motivating you towards the self creation of health, happiness, abundance, peace, passion and purpose. WE KNOW that given the right information and support individuals can and do reshape their lives – they are not set in stone. The NEW BRAIN STUDIES are proving our capacity to rechannel learning. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there is much more to it. I know you have unlimited possibility available to you and can HELP YOU TO ALIGN with it through practising what myself and others universally have already used successfully, together with your own intuition and guidance. A design only meant for you - your own path. Come and get creative with me.

Call me now on 0421 960 156 today to find out more in a free discovery session.


Certified Life Coach
McIntyre Systems Coach
Advanced Diploma Holistic Counsellor (ICTC)
Human Development Counsellor(IVHHD)
Crisis Counsellor
Meditation Teacher(IMTA), kids, prenatal, anxiety/depression, pain/healing
Advanced Diploma Meditation Therapy (ICTC)
Touch for Health
Chair Yoga Instructor

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